Creating a Balanced Living at Every Stage


No matter where each of us stands with regard to age, there is one school in which we are always enrolled – the school of life. We live in times when things are increasingly uncertain. Though we have made tremendous advances in all walks of life, but the challenges are also more than ever. Today, more and more people are battling with mental illness, the world at large is facing an environmental crisis and as a society, we constantly come across instances that shock our moral conscience. In the midst of all this, it becomes essential to wait and ponder about what kind of life do we want to lead and what kind of world do we want to create.


Life, we must remember, is not a test. It is meant to be experienced and cherished like a gift. That is why, it is necessary to create a right balance at every stage. We read plenty on creating the work-life balance, but work and life do not exist separately. Work is an essential part of our life. Similarly, spending time on creating healthy social relationships – with family, friends and colleagues – is also essential. Balance is about managing our energy and time in different areas of our life as per our priorities.


Today, many tend to neglect their health citing work-related reasons. Students feel the constant pressure of clearing exams, acing competitions and outdoing others to avoid being left behind. Older generation faces loneliness. Young children are growing addicted to different gadgets. While the comforts have increased, the need for happiness and balance is decreasing and most acutely felt today. Too often, we postpone this need by misplacing our own priorities.


No matter where we are in life, let us learn to live with balance. This balance needs to be created internally first, between our heart, mind and body. The world is witnessing unprecedented environmental disasters today all because the balance of nature has become upset. Our body too is made of five natural elements. Any disruption in any element has an immediate effect on our health. We can already see that with increasing pollution, whether it is air, water or noise, there are very visible effects on people of all ages.


Let us not mistake a successful life as one with only external achievements. A truly successful life is one of balance and internal satisfaction, of health and self-control, of service and intrinsic motivation and of individual joy stemming from collective welfare. DAV has always emphasised on the all-round development of students in this regard. Our emphasis on Vedic philosophy permeates in our learning to help everyone create that balance in their lives. As true DAVians, let us set a shining example for the world to emulate. Let us restore that balance in our life and radiate with pure joy of being alive!


Om Shanti!


Punam Suri
DAV College Managing Committee
and Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha