New Frontiers Open New Possibilities


Every time I sit down to write a message for you all, I am forced to push the limits of my thinking. It is wonderful and also, absolutely necessary that even at this age and despite all the experience that I have gained so far, every now and then, I, along with the entire DAV family, get to embark on something new. For the most part, the credit for this urge to constantly adapt and innovate comes from you, our dear readers. Today, I am thrilled to share with all of you that DAV United has crossed another frontier as this time the famed DAV United Festival has spread its wings beyond the borders of Delhi, finding a new home in the vibrant city of Mumbai. 
It is indeed true when I say that it is the DAVian tradition to break new ground and push the limits of what is known and done. In the same spirit, this geographical move symbolises not just physical but also cultural and intellectual expansion. It is a journey from the northern frontiers to the west, bridging gaps and opening up new possibilities for numerous stakeholders.
As with any pioneering endeavour, however, challenges and teething problems are inevitable. The path to success is invariably marked by moments of both triumph and failure. What is important to remember is that it is these challenges that serve as valuable lessons. Successes validate our efforts, while failures compel us to introspect and innovate. It is through the experiences of both that we evolve and build something enduring. 
It is this philosophy which resonates deeply within our own lives as well. Too often, we may find ourselves comfortably settled into our old routines. We draw our own limitations, restrict our vision and aim for the familiar. But the word ‘life’ itself symbolises growth and movement, an energy that is constantly flowing. If we stop it from venturing into new and creative endeavours, it will stagnate, putting to waste all that we are capable of.
As with our new educational endeavour, our individual pursuits too will bring new challenges. We will not always win, but we will not always fail either. It is in embracing this tumultuous yet exciting journey and walking on it together, that we, as proud DAVians, will continue to shine. It is quite natural that when you target new frontiers, you allow yourself the chance to embrace the vast possibilities that lay beyond. With courage, confidence, pride and resilience in our hearts, let us break down all the self-imposed limitations.
I extend my best wishes to DAV United as it ventures into new territories and to all of our students for their upcoming exams. While I urge you to do your best to answer every question correctly in the exam, and in life, the real magic occurs when even when we do not know, but we are ready to find out. So are you ready?

Om Shanti!


Punam Suri
DAV College Managing Committee
and Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha