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    Date : 28 Sep 2022 To 30 Sep 2022

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    Date : 19 Sep 2022 To 21 Sep 2022

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Message of The President  



The Show Must Go On!

In Satyarth Prakash, Swami Dayanand Saraswati has defined a human being as one who is contemplative, one who considers the sufferings of others as his own and is ready to take action for it. When the Covid-19 pandemic befell all of us, along with it came an unprecedented sense of anxiety and uncertainty, especially in the Education sector. Students, teachers and administrators alike felt compelled to experience the journey of education in a new way. However difficult the situation was though, it was also the perfect opportunity for putting our founder’s vision to test.

This required not just integration of technology and adoption of new ways but also change of beliefs, and a spirit of never-say-die attitude. Looking back on those times, I am particularly proud to acknowledge that our DAV family delivered in all the commendable ways. We were able to organise the 3rd DAV United Festival in 2021 in a hybrid manner.

In the face of numerous firsts that the pandemic brought, we adapted, kept advancing and never gave up. This characteristic is deeply rooted in DAV’s foundation itself. DAV was started as a blend of both traditional and modern methods. Our founders knew the importance of assimilating the new while holding on to our much-cherished traditional values. This attitude is what enabled us to win over the pandemic without compromising on our goals. 

As we begin again, opening our gates once again to laughter and noise, we do so by taking along lessons of the past. The pandemic has shown that the world could be uncertain but our own response is what really matters. And our response depends on who we choose to be. If given a choice, what would you rather be- a stream or a rock? Rock brings to mind a picture of solid strength, something hard to break and which can weather all difficulties and yet stand strong. But the same rock, when exposed to the flow of water for a prolonged period of time it disintegrates into smaller pieces. A stream, on the other hand, simply flows. The nature of water in a stream is to adapt and keep moving forward. No matter what blocks its course, through its power of adaptation and persistence, the stream ultimately wedges its way out. It might have to change its course or make a new one, but it never stops moving forward. I see DAV in the very same light.

Let us imbibe this spirit to the very core of our being. The pandemic brought immense grief and loss to many, including some of our very own. But we cannot stop! We must be the contemplative human beings who take action for the betterment of all. No matter what happens, the show must go on!

 Om Shanti!

Punam Suri
DAV College Managing Committee,
and Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha