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Induction Programme for Heads of DAV Institutions
Event Start Date : 03/06/2024 Event End Date 10/06/2024


Event: Induction Programme for Heads of DAV Institutions

Date: 3-10 June, 2024

Venue: DAVCMC, New Delhi

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The DAV Centre for Academic Excellence (DAVCAE) successfully organised an Induction Programme for the newly appointed Heads of DAV Public Schools. The programme, aimed at equipping the new leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles, began on 3rd June 2024 in Hall 2, III Floor, DAVCMC, and concluded on 10th June 2024 in the Multipurpose Hall of DAVCMC. The event saw the participation of 35 Heads of DAV Public Schools from 11 different states.


The Induction Programme was Coordinated by Ms. Rashmi Kathuria, Education Officer, at DAVCAE, DAVCMC, who in the preparation for the residential programme made the participants engaged in online discussions via Google Classroom a month prior. This included asynchronous discussions and two days of online sessions using DAVCMC software. 


Programme Themes

The comprehensive curriculum covered the following themes:

1. Introduction to DAVCMC: Overview of DAV history, vision, mission, and goals.

2. Leadership Talks: Discussions on ethical, digital and futuristic leadership.

3. Financial Management: Insights on statutory and internal audits for DAV Public Schools.

4. Administrative Norms: Procedures as outlined by DAVCMC.

5. Social Security Schemes: Benefits for DAV employees.

6. Code of Conduct: Legal aspects and employee guidelines.

7. Leadership & Staff Motivation: Team building strategies.

8. Safety and Security: Ensuring school safety.

9. Early Childhood Education: New guidelines and assessment for Nursery.

10. Cyber Safety: Policies for protecting schools online.

11. Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment: Internal assessment and Holistic Report Card

12. DAVCAE Initiatives: Updates on ongoing and new initiatives.

13. Academic Audit: Processes and importance.

14. Performing Havan: Significance and guidance on conducting havan.

15. DAV Curriculum: Instructional Material, Examination and Evaluation.

16. School Leadership: Invited talk on effective leadership in schools.

17. Digital Citizenship: Role of school leaders in promoting digital citizenship.

18. Continuous Professional Development: Opportunities for growth.

19. Manpower Planning: Recruitment and staffing strategies.

20. School Budget Planning: Insights from experienced principals.

21. DAV Publications: Overview of available publication and process to order.

22. Mind mapping: Visual tool for multitasking and planning


Each day commenced with a havan, allowing participants to seek blessings and understand the significance of this ritual. They also received insights into Arya Samaj and its principles. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. N.K. Uberoi, Vice President, DAVCMC, who highlighted the essential qualities of leadership and the importance of teaching. During the ceremony, Dr. Nisha Peshin, Director (PS & Academics) briefed about the objectives and themes of the programme. 


Throughout the induction, sessions were conducted by respected Directors of DAVCMC, Section Heads, DAVCAE faculty and invited speakers. The participants benefitted from the shared experiences and expert guidance. The Valedictory Ceremony featured an inspiring address by the Honourable President, Shri Punam Suri, who motivated the new heads to uphold the legacy of Swami Dayanand Saraswati ji with pride and dedication. All the participants received certificates and a group photograph with President Sir, Office Bearers and Directors was taken as a memory.


The Induction Programme was a resounding success, providing the newly appointed Heads of DAV Public Schools with the tools and inspiration needed to lead effectively. The blend of theoretical knowledge, practical insights and spiritual grounding ensured a holistic development experience for all participants.