President's Message

Education Also Means Looking Within!

Quality of life! It is an oft-repeated phrase in our daily conversations, speeches and writings. It is also what we are most concerned with, for we all wish to lead a good quality life. But what determines that good quality? Is it the money? Or the fame? Well, in my personal opinion, good quality of life is much more than that. It stems from within and is grounded in a good character. Whenever I am asked what is it that makes DAV different from other educational institutions; my response remains that we focus on character-building! Before making employable professionals, we make good human beings. After all, education also means looking within oneself and undergoing the inner transformation.

In our colleges and universities, we give students a chance to recognise their interest areas for we firmly believe that one always fares well in the areas one is interested in. At a young age, it may be difficult to decide what one should pursue but if given adequate opportunities and training, success will be in everyone’s court. Now, a dictionary may define success as the act of achieving what one sets out to achieve, but in real-life success is primarily characterised by happiness. Achievement without happiness is no success at all. And hence, it is again very important to look within and realise as to what it is that one wants. Education helps one in forging one’s own path, hone oneself and also introspect. It enables the confluence of interest and training to produce pure happiness.

Self is the seed to further growth, not just of the individual but of the society as a whole. With changing times, human beings too are changing in different ways. Today, I see the younger generation is far more intelligent but also far more aggressive. The rage is more, the anger is quick. As patience wears thin, stress is becoming thicker. So even with all the facilities and assets, people constantly live in a tense atmosphere. One is then forced to ask if material fulfillment is all what our students should seek. Spiritual and emotional fulfillment also matter a lot. Hence, it becomes a responsibility of the education system to instil in our students those values which help them to create stability in every stage of their life. I am happy to note that in DAV we lay equal emphasis on training students in anger management, anxiety control, meditation, yoga, etc., in this regard.

It is only these balanced, happy and dignified individuals who bring about positive changes. The person who sits at the top of every company is not just qualified in terms of knowledge but also in terms of wisdom. Be curious to know more but also be wise to make the distinction between right and wrong. Be ambitious but also be ethical. Learn and acquire skills but also use that education to build a strong character, calm mind and a composed nature. Do unto others as you expect others to do unto you. Look within before you look outside. Then, the better is the quality of self, the better will be the quality of the world.
Om Shanti!

Punam Suri