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Celebrating Various Days

Earth Day on 22 April 2013 to sensitize everyone to remember what an amazing planet we share and live on. A special assembly was conducted wherein the students expressed their gratitude towards the benevolent nature of mother Earth through their heart rendering poems on the theme of man’s misdeeds and unlimited greed of plundering of the natural resources. Also a rally was organized in the neighborhood in which the students carried placards with slogans and messages written on them about the need to preserve nature. At last the students made beautiful paintings on theme “My Earth from My Eyes”.

Anti Malaria Day on 25 April 2013 to spread awareness against Malaria.

A week long, i.e. 29 April to 4 May 2013 “Water for all” programme-a Water Conservation Awareness programme in extension to the “Project Boond”. A series of thematic competition were conducted to sensitize students towards conservation of water. Various events like a talk show, a collage making competition, a newsletter making competition were organized. In addition to this, special assembly talks were organized throughout the celebration. On the concluding day, 4 May 2013, Water awareness rally was organized in the neighbourhood of the school to spread awareness among the people. A “Nukkad Natak” was also performed which was appreciated by everyone. The “Water for all” awareness programme was a great success.

Venue: Gupta DAV Centenary Public School    Date: 16-4-2013