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Importance of Financial Literacy

Dear Readers,

It makes me immensely proud to watch the progress of our students and alumni in different arenas. This is only possible because of the holistic education that we impart to our students. From the time of our inception, one of our most significant efforts has been targetted around giving a holistically progressive ambience to our students. This includes providing them with enough resources and learning regarding life skills, besides academic knowledge.

One such important life skill is the Finance Management. It is important for our students to learn and understand Financial Literacy, as it forms the basis of the kind of lifestyle and future we aspire them to have. Financial Literacy helps us while making prominent decisions in life. So, the sooner a student learns it, the better it is!

 “The number one problem in today’s generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy.”

                                                                                                                                                      — Alan Greenspan

Talking about our college-bound students, it is imperative for them to learn basic budgeting to manage their lives outside home — where their financial decisions are handled by their guardians. Decisions that involve contemplation like buying a vehicle, moving away from home for higher studies, saving money, etc., totally depends on how financially literate one is. So, to be better prepared for the future, one needs to understand how to work around a workable budget.

In any major situation in life, a financially literate individual is able to manage financial stability smoothly. For any school-going student, managing their accounts and setting long-term financial goals should be one of the major agendas. In this modern day and age, at DAV group, awareness around financial literacy is a must, which includes literacy about financial theft as well as security issues, management of credit and debt cycles, prioritising savings, comprehension of the ins and outs of interest rates, and ultimately, the basics of budgeting as a whole.

DAV family always strives to bring out the best in our students. Financial Literacy is one such skill that we try to inculcate in them from their foundation years. I hope with our proactive efforts and involvement, everyone from the DAV family will become financially literate and independent. Best wishes to all!


Om Shanti!

Punam Suri