DAV College Managing Committee
Chitra Gupta Road, New Delhi - 110055
Message of The President  

‘How Well’ Matters More than ‘How Much’

Numbers are a funny thing. They have come to govern our lives so intricately that we often even fail to take notice. The world is obsessed with all sorts of numbers – number of notes in bank account, number of hours at work, number of marks in subjects, number of trophies and even the number of likes on one’s social media posts. This list has no stop. In a world where quantity has become everything, it is sad to see the more important aspect – ‘quality’ – being ignored. 

There is no denying that quantity by virtue of its nature sounds more impressive. A high percentile in Board examination, a hefty bank balance, multiple degrees, etc., could point to one’s achievements and ability. But is that all? A higher quantity does not by any means equate to a higher quality. This is the lesson the present generation needs to take note of. Scoring high is only good, when the learning involved is of high quality as well, when that learning will be applied to yield some concrete results. There is no point in spending eight hours sitting in a workplace if they do not give quality results by the end of the day. Just like shutting eyes does not necessarily mean quality sleep, or doing/repeating things half-heartedly do not make them better. 

World over, the best-selling products are known for their quality. People do not mind spending more if they know what they are getting is worth the price. Instead of an inexpensive product which will not last even two months, it is better to go for a pricey one with assured longevity. Life is no different; its quality is more important than the number of years in it. It matters less ‘how much’ you do, but matters more ‘how well’ you do. The essence is always in the substance. 

If we focus on quality, we will not be bound by the social methods of validation – numbers. Our focus will be on learning better and understanding its relevance for the wider problems rather than just setting eyes on the scores and medals. Our focus will be on leading a balanced lifestyle, devoting adequate time to all important areas like family, friends, health and career, rather than just chasing after pure selfish pursuits. Our focus will be on delivering quality work, even if it takes more time, rather than on hasty completion. 

Remember, all the inspiring people in the world are first and foremost quality people. They may not be known for multiple things, but surely for those few quality things which changed the world in a remarkable way. Quality also reflects in how we spend every day, how we perceive fun, work and success, and most importantly, how we perceive life.

Be it any role – a student, a teacher, a principal or a parent, focus on quality will reflect vastly on your work as well as on other aspects of your life. It is fine if you do not do a lot, but whatever you do, make sure, it is of top-notch quality!

Om Shanti!

Punam Suri