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Excellence is Built ‘Every Single Day’ 

From time immemorial, competition has been intrinsic to human nature. For the scarce resources, claimants have always been many. Humans today are more ambitious than ever and the race, tougher than ever. To survive, one has to keep up; but to succeed, one has to win. And as we know, everyone cannot be a winner, not at the same time. That in no way implies that everyone else is a sore loser. In fact, it is gladdening to see some of those runners carve out a different path and give new definitions to success. However, we should acknowledge the merits of those who emerge at the top and stand out from the rest. Competition can lead to excellence but to excel, one has to do more than just compete.

What is it then, that makes some excellent enough to make the cut? Answers could be many. Some may say they just had better opportunities. Some may attribute their success to their families. Some may give the credit to sheer luck. Some may say they are gifted. These answers make it unable to see the simple secret to excellence. For a champion, let us say, of a running marathon, the winning day stands atop a pyramid of countless number of other days which no one saw. She/He did the same thing every day – run. And with every passing day, he/she made note of the mistakes and worked on them, exerted, got injured, recovered and came back, and then ran again. 

It sounds like a boring routine – wake up, practise, go back to sleep and start over the next day. But that is exactly what excellence stems from – when you do something repeatedly, you tend to become good at it and when you do it long enough, you become excellent. The secret to excellence is then in what one does daily. Habits, my dear readers, are what distinguish those few from the rest and habits are built and sustained on a daily basis. 

Doing one thing every day can be hard, especially for a human brain which thrives on distractions, getting bored comes easy. And that is why it is important to love what you do. Do not jump in a race where you do not belong. The toppers of every game also enjoy it irrespective of how hard it gets. To be excellent one should be wise in choosing one’s struggle.

Examples abound from DAV – sportspersons like M.S. Dhoni, Abhinav Bindra and Manika Batra, stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Anurag Kashyap, political veterans like A.B.Vajpayee and many more have stood on the pinnacle after countless days of struggle. DAV believes in inculcating such good habits which can pave the ground for lifelong growth and persistence.

Every year, students and alumni from DAV make the headlines for cracking some of the toughest exams, for winning some of the toughest competitions, for breaking records and for inspiring us all. As proud as their achievements make, they also serve a reminder of the hours, days, months and even years they have put in to achieve that success.

Excellence is not a gift or talent, but a result of one’s habit. So take control of each day, find your labour of love and start building your saga of excellence!

Om Shanti!

Punam Suri