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New Frontiers of Success

It is not difficult to imagine why for many school is the best time of life. The childhood and adolescence bloom in this period, setting the stage for a lively youth ahead. No matter how much you complain about the assignments and examinations, you know that this is the time when almost every day is a wonderful memory. When students pass out from DAV, we bid them goodbye with our best wishes, extending an ever-lasting support and hoping to see them again soon. To my utmost pleasure, I get to see them soon in popular dailies, newspapers and magazines. As toppers of various competitive exams, setting new benchmarks and scaling new heights, our DAVians never cease to inspire and be admired.

This year too, DAVians have sucessfully sailed through some of the toughest examinations and have headed to the new frontiers of success, where they will be trained to gain expertise and special knowledge to further serve the world at large. As Doctors, Bureaucrats, Engineers, Scientists and in many other integral roles, the world will have a new force of energetic professionals and thus, Maharishi Dayanand’s dream will be realised.

It is on these occasions that the years of school’s work on students truly pays off. Some of these exams are multi-tiered and also involve interviews. Besides the theoretical knowledge, their impressive performances in personality tests is a solid proof of the adequate grooming they have received in the school. Not just good scores or active participation in extra-curricular activities, DAV’s continuous emphasis on character building and moral education makes them all the more deserving.

The world has grown to become more and more competitive by the day. While it is unfortunate to see that sometimes this burden becomes too heavy for our children to bear, as an educator I believe, the remedy lies in making our students strong enough to combat any challenge. So instead of getting intimidated by the number of applicants or the scale, engage with it head-on. I am happy that results bring forth the same trait of our DAVians.

Having said that, the new frontiers of success are not limited to success in competitive exams alone. They extend much beyond that. Those who fail to make the cut are in no way a failure. As we know it, all methods of selection cannot claim to touch upon individual interests and talents. A brilliant singer, dancer, or someone harbouring great potential for entrepreneurship will be passing different tests in life.

Success is not a one stop destination. It is an ongoing process. Man has made physical boundaries in the world but in life, the frontiers can be continually pushed to discover new ones. That is why the curiosity and the urge to keep trying should not die. Even when one finds fruition in one’s attempts, complacency should not set in. The new frontiers of success are as endless as the possibilities in which we can serve the society and our nation. Continue exploring those possibilities!

Om Shanti!

Punam Suri