DAV College Managing Committee
Chitra Gupta Road, New Delhi - 110055
Message of The President  


“In order to keep the feeling of oneness intact in our family culture, we try to bring our alumni together every once in a while. And what better reason than any sport?”

Dear Readers, as I write this note to you all, I feel delighted to share the feeling of immense gratitude for the adoration and support that our alumni network has bestowed on us. The success of a good educational institute is measured not just by the number of brilliant students it produces, but by the number of students that take on the legacy of their school forward and propagate it across the world. DAV family has always aspired to build a milieu where our past, present and future gets along easily and finds support and encouragement within the family.

Much attention has been paid to Alumni Sports in keeping the alumni intact with our schools. By organising DUCL series in the past, we have successfully fostered the values of team work and oneness among our family members. This has several reasons. Firstly, being responsible educators, we try to subtly propagate the agenda of maintaining good health via sports. Secondly, nothing can work better to bring people together than the feeling of belongingness. DAV family encourages this by inculcating team work among them. Thirdly, as a family, our alumni gets hold of a stronger network which in some way helps them in their professional growth. Lastly, the current students of a school get motivated to stay connected after their school tenure is over and contribute their best to their alma mater like their seniors.

We have endeavoured hard to keep the students associated with each other by building an on-the-go alumni network. For this, our prime objective has always been to cultivate a life-long relationship of the students with their alma mater. I hope, our values and principles that we strive hard to inculcate in our students, bring out the best in our students and alumni. Alumni Sport is one such way through which we have tried to build the relationships of our alumni stronger with the school as well as with their fellow school-mates.  

To sum up, our efforts have always been focussed on providing an all-round development to our students. Alumni Sports is one such means to achieve this goal. I hope it helps in promoting the value of oneness which constitutes a major part of our DAV family ethics. I am overwhelmed to be a part of this great endeavour.


Om Shanti!

Punam Suri